Protect yourself from cyber-attacks (2/2)

By Drum Digital
04 November 2014

It’s important to educate yourself so that you don’t fall victim.

Every six seconds a personal computer is hacked.

Statistics show that for seven out of 10 people who get hacked indirectly gave the hacker their password.

It’s important to educate yourself so that you don’t fall victim.

Here are 10 ways to protect yourself from a cyber-security attack:

Avoid using computers in public places

This includes airports, hotels and cafés. Hackers may have spyware on their computers that allow them to look at all of the bits and pieces of information floating around them, so make sure you don’t login to your accounts in these places.

Do not use your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s computers to login to your accounts

This is especially true if there are trust issues between the two of you. Your special someone may load spyware on his or her computer to collect your passwords whenever you log in to your email, Facebook or other accounts.

Steer clear of free Wi-Fi

While we all love freebies, using your neighbours’ open Wi-Fi could be a trap. When connecting to someone else’s Wi-Fi, they can capture all of your usernames and passwords, or even access your hard drive and download your entire database. When setting up your Wi-Fi, never give your wireless network name. Being mindful of these things will make it easier to protect your data.

Get your computer repaired by a reputable company

Be careful when taking your computer to a stranger, including computer technicians from major retailers. There have been several cases where computer repair people install spyware on to customers computers to steal information.

Always reformat the hard drive on a computer you plan to donate or sell

This is not 100% guaranteed, but it will make 99% of the people who do not know who to retrieve deleted information off a reformatted hard drive think twice about trying to hack your information.


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