Public must dress smart in court: Report

By Drum Digital
30 July 2012

Judges in KwaZulu-Natal are warning the public to dress appropriately for court proceedings, the Star newspaper reported on Monday.

Men, in particular, have been told not to come to court in jeans and takkies.

At least two judges have recently told men appearing for divorce proceedings that they were not dressed appropriately.

Last Wednesday, a man dressed in blue jeans and a floral print shirt was told by his advocate to "go and buy clothes" after Judge Gregory Kruger refused to hear his divorce unless he was dressed properly.

Kruger declined to comment to the publication.

Judge Trevor Gorven also warned that people appearing in his court should be dressed smartly unless there was good reason why they could not.

The province's returned judge president Vuka Tshabalala said courts should be respected.

"A court should be held in high regard by society."

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