Pupil wants to give someone the 'gift' of a matric ball

By Drum Digital
23 July 2015

A Durban North scholar is searching for a partner for his matric ball among the ranks of those who have never been able to attend a dance of their own.

Durban -

Deon Govender, of Durban North College, made his appeal on Facebook this week.

Speaking to News24 between classes on Wednesday, Govender said he was looking forward to his special night on Saturday.

“I have been to a lot of dances with other girls from other schools. Like myself, they have been lucky enough to have the means to make this happen and like one would expect, [these dances] have been really special nights,” he said.

“In the lead up to my dance I had no one to go with and I was thinking about who I could take. It dawned on me then that some people have never been able to do something like this. I wanted to take someone who never got that chance because of funds or other problems in their life. Not everyone is as lucky as me."

'Important night'

He said it was an "important night" in his life and he wanted someone else to have that same feeling.

"If I can make a change in someone’s life, it would make me happy,” Govender added.

The teen said that he spoke to his mother, who supported what he was trying to do.

“My mom said that she would help me pay for the girl’s dress and transport. I would want someone who deserves it and not someone who is going to take advantage of me,” he said.

His mother, Vino said she was brimming with pride at what her son was setting out to achieve.

“I am so overwhelmed by his choice and I am filled with pride. In the past he has been to lots of dances with girls. He wanted his dance to feel special and he wanted to make someone feel amazing,” she said.

On her Facebook page, Vino wrote: "Dear Awesome people. this Saturday is my sons matric dance and he has a special request. He would like his partner for the evening to be someone that has never had the privilege or opportunity to attend a matric dance or never will have that opportunity due to financial or other restraints. Race or gender does not matter, should the recipient be female, the dress hair and makeup, including transport to and from the venue will all be provided. PLEASE I urge you to assist me in fulfilling my sons dream of another individual. I am sure we will be able to do this. God Bless. Please share."


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