Pupils' feet seen hanging from a taxi

By Drum Digital
29 July 2015

A picture of overloaded scholars in a taxi that is seemingly taking them to school has caused a stir on social media

A picture of school learner's feet hanging from a VW Caravelle's boot, with the door slightly closed was shared on 180 with Bob on KAYA FM  Facebook page. The taxi looks over loaded with learners.

"Chances are those boys are just being"cool" nje that's all. The poor driver might not even be aware this is happening. I see them doing this on trains EVERYDAY and I've never heard anyone taking Metrorail to task on safety and security issues," Lami Prince said on the page.

While Swazi Shabalala is of the view that the act was unacceptable, and only parents can stop it.

The picture is captioned: Let's find this #ScholarTransport, JMPD and the parents, maybe they can all tell us what must happen in this situation. #ChangeYourMind

Check pic below:

school transport - Copy

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