Q&A with prospective Mrs SA Mpho Lutalo

By Drum Digital
14 June 2012

Hundreds of hopefuls put through their applications in a bid to be crowned Mrs South Africa and only a few now stand a chance in realising that dream.

Amongst those is Mpho Lutato, a wife, a mother of one and a business woman. These are all attributes that make one eligible to enter the competition. We chat to the beauty queen with brains to find out who she is and what could have been her charm to make it this far in the competition.How would you describe yourself?

I’m simple, a people's person, patient and easily forgiving.

Paint us a picture of your childhood.

I am originally from from Silverkraans (Tlokweng) a small village near Rustenburg. I come from a family of four, 2 sisters (one late) and a brother. Both parents were always there, even though dad worked in Johannesburg, he would come home very often so never felt the gap.  I lost my dearest dad in 2005, the worst year of my life. I grew in a village where you are everyone's child and they could knock on anyone's door and ask for food. Till today I still don't understand people who do not like sharing (maybe it's because of my personal experience). I went to primary school there until grade 9 then I went and stayed with my sister in Rustenburg town. I finished my matric I in 2000. I then went and studied in Tshwane University. I didn't finish the course because I was kind of confused of what to study until came to Johannesburg and finish my studies here.

Flight Attended and my dad refused. I just thought it was fun getting paid to travel the world, and they always look pretty.

How is motherhood and what it taught you?

Motherhood is awesome. It was challenging at the beginning since it was my first baby. It taught me patience and I got my priorities right. This is a lifetime responsibility I love and embrace it. Above all I am enjoying my little girl and her unconditional love.

 What value will winning this competition bring into your life?

I always had passion to help others because of how I grew up.  I lived a self-pity and blameful life and eventually I got out of it thank God and my husband. Now I can fill this gap. Contentment and also opening more doors for me as a business woman.

And what value will you add in other people’s lives should you win?

I have already chosen my beneficiary called Bokamoso Dropping Centre in Kroomdraai near Krugersdorp. I would like to help them build a proper home for those kids, so charity is my primary goal. I would also help other married women to pursue their dreams and not define themselves by their marital status and end up getting frustrated. Most of them tend to forget to love themselves. Again it goes back to my personal experience. I believe my life is a testimony and it can help others.

If we look back at previous winners most of them have changed people's lives and their own have changed for the better. It really opens doors for women to make difference out there.

What do you love about this country?

Infrastructure and it has the whole Africa in it. Ubuntu

What/who inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who never stop studying no matter what age they are.

What misconceptions people have about you?

That I am a snob when I speak English, they forget that I have been with my husband for 11years and he is from Uganda therefore we speak English at home. Especially when I go back home (Rustenburg) elderly people think you are being disrespectful. I am just a simple girl from Tlokweng.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Vegetable Artchar, I always add it to my meal. I love cooking.

We wish you all the best.

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