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By Drum Digital
30 September 2013

Providing your family with fresh, great-tasting meals is just as important to KFC as it is to you.

KFC advertorial After 40 years in South Africa the company still prides itself on the highest quality ingredients and its meals are still made to the highest standard of cleanliness to bring you food you can trust. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT KFC? Its meals are:

  • Freshly prepared
  • Still made the way the Colonel did in 1940
  • As tasty as ever thanks to KFC’s secret recipe
  • Made using A-grade chicken and freshly sourced ingredients
  • Subject to strict quality controls and training
  • Made under high in-store hygiene standards
THE KFC EXPERIENCE KFC invited DRUM food editor Carmen Niehaus into the heart of its home – one of its many nation-wide kitchens – to experi¬ence first-hand the care and high standards that go into preparing your fa¬vourite meals. This is what she had to say: “KFC has strict quality control systems in place – from where the various raw products are stored to hygienic procedures and time monitors to ensure customers get their food as quickly as possible. “And although those famous 11 herbs and spices remain a secret, I can tell you that each chicken portion goes into the container with the flour mixture seven times and is hand-rolled 10 times before it’s packed on the grill in a specific pattern.” THE BRAG LIST – WHAT MAKES KFC TOPS
  • Each cook undergoes several weeks of rigorous in-store training to learn how to produce KFC’s signature dishes.
  • The chicken is freshly prepared in-store throughout the day so it’s always served hot and fresh.
  • The chicken is chosen for quality. KFC uses only A-grade chicken and every piece is se¬lected to meet its precise specifications. All chick¬en used by KFC is hormone- and steroid-free.
  • The company supports job creation in South Africa by not only employing more than 23 000 people in the various sections of its organisation, but also through its policy of using local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Its food and safety standards are among the highest in the food industry and KFC’s supplier approval process is one of the most challenging and thorough.
  • Every KFC store is audited, unannounced, five times a year to ensure it follows the strictest health and safety procedures.
  • KFC sends inspectors disguised as ordinary shoppers to each store 26 times a year to check that it gives the best service and sells products of only the highest quality.
  • Every KFC store follows a strict cleaning and sanitation programme and a wash-rinse-sanitise process is specified for all food contact surfaces. The company also requires all kitchen staff to wash, rinse and sanitise their hands at least once every 30 minutes.
  • The vast majority of the paper, board and plastic packaging used is recyclable and KFC aims to use only recyclable packaging in the near future.


KFC Original Recipe Chicken was first made by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1940 when he perfected his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices at his restaurant in Kentucky, America. This recipe is still used across the world today.

The first KFC store in South Africa opened in 1971 in Orange Grove, Johannesburg.

SPREADING HOPE ACROSS THE NATION Have you ever been asked to add R2 to your order at a KFC store and wondered what it was for? Well, Add Hope is KFC’s corporate social responsibility initiative. It was started in 2009 and has so far raised more than R175 million to feed hungry children in South Africa. By asking customers at all 700 stores to each donate R2 the company gives them an opportu¬nity to get involved and make a difference by helping to feed hungry children. The initiative:

  • Feeds 40 000 children a month from the R2 donations received, ensuring the kids get the nourish-ment they need in order to live, grow and thrive.
  • Partners with organisations involved in feeding youngsters in South African communities. The major¬ity of the work done through KFC Add Hope involves feeding kids at schools and Early Childhood Development (ECD) crèches.
  • Raised R12,6 million in stores last year while franchisees contributed a further R19 million.
  • Donates funds to 90 organisations around the country involved in feeding programmes. Customers can rest assured that 100 per cent of their donations go towards the cost of meals. This is a year-round effort aimed at alleviating hunger and making a difference.

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