Queen of Zulu Comedy - Celeste Ntuli

By Drum Digital
12 July 2013

Funnywoman Celeste Ntuli knows how to make us laugh – but she’s also serious about gender equality and making the most of each moment

Her presence fills the room as her laughter resonates through the corridors of the Villa Simonne Boutique Hotel in Houghton, Johannesburg. This is a woman who doesn’t pull punches – she’ll make fun of any subject from polygamy to her personal life.

And although she’s not one to shy away from controversy, there’s one thing the queen of Zulu comedy will not tolerate and that is the unequal treatment of women. “It’s sad that we’re not treated equally to men in society – or in our industry,” says funnywoman Celeste Ntuli.

“I always tell people that I’m a stand-up comedian who has earned the right to be treated the same as any other comedian out there.”

And Celeste has just added another feather to her cap: she’s joined the cast of Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Isibaya. “I feel privileged be part of the

cast of Isibaya because it’s such a great show. The response I’ve been getting from fans is just overwhelming,” she beams.

Her delight might also have something to do with being cast with Siyabonga Twala, whom she describes as a “hottie”. Getting to be one of Siyabonga Twala’s wives was tops, she jokes.

Watching Celeste on stage one sees a bold, confident woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. However, this has not always been the case and joining Isibaya has forced her to face her demons and insecurities, she confides.

“I grew up in a family where all my sisters looked like models and I was the only one who was big. People in the community would even ask what happened to me, as everyone in my family was pretty,” she says.

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