Quotes of the week

By Drum Digital
04 December 2015

Memorable things said this week.

By Ayanda Sitole

“The dogs of rich people in South Africa have got medical aid but their domestic workers, and the university workers, and the farm workers, the petrol attendants, the security guards, do not have medical aid.”

– Julius Malema speaking at the Oxford Union at Oxford University in the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

“I could tell by the way the bullets went through the door and the evidence I collected pointed to that fact. It was not just any intruder he was shooting at, it was Reeva and he meant to kill her. I just couldn’t prove it.”

- Police ballistics expert Chris Mangena after Oscar Pistorius’ verdict was changed to Murder.

"It would be irresponsible and premature for me to call this terrorism.  What is the motivation for this?"

-  FBI official David Bodwich speaks up about the deadly shooting at San Bernardino, California that killed 21 people.

"It's heart-breaking when you see your grandkids and your daughter-in-law has been shot, lying on the bed and on the floor, while there's nobody who can help you and you're running around looking for the police or somebody to come out and help you."

-  An anonymous man speaking of his grandchildren and daughter who were  shot execution style and  murdered in Vanderbijpark.  

"It is not for me to try and put into words the impact that President Mandela had on South Africa, or a generation across the globe - those far more eloquent than I have already done so.”

Prince Harry while speaking at the Nelson Mandela Foundation during a special visit to South Africa.

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