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By Drum Digital
08 January 2016

Memorable things said this week.

By Ayanda Sitole

The first week of 2016 was officially met with racist remarks that shook many South Africans to the core, reminding us that even though we live in a democratic society, South Africans are still divided on racial lines.

"From now on I shall address the blacks of South Africa as monkeys as I see the cute little wild monkeys do the same, pick and drop litter."

A Facebook post by Penny Sparrow, commenting on the number of black beachgoers in Durban on New Year’s Day. Her comments caused an international uproar and trended on social media throughout the week.

“I will from today unfriend all white people I have as friends from today u must be put under the same blanket as any other racist white because secretly u all are a bunch of racist fuck heads as we have already seen. [sic]”

Velaphi Khumalo from the Gauteng department of sports, arts, culture and recreation comments about white people in response to social media uproar about racist comments by Penny Sparrow.

"We want him to get fired, because if they don't fire him, we are going to advice [sic] on an economic boycott. We are going to advise all Africans, in particular black people, that they must close their accounts with that bank because it is harbouring racists."

ANCYL Gauteng chairperson Matome Chiloane speaks at a march to Standard Bank after what was considered a racist tweet by the bank’s chief economist Chris Hart.

“Well done for this tweet. So funny to reduce all the women who'll be there to prostitutes."

Twitter user @NzingaQ responds to Mail & Guardian reporter Carien Duplesie, after tweeting that the ANC’s  104 Anniversary will be attended by “pantypreneurs”, a derogatory term used to describe young women who sleep with wealthy men to advance their lifestyle.

"People really don’t understand free speech at all . . . Free speech is something we agreed to as a modern, open society . . . Free speech means you can say 'F**k you' to me. I can just as easily dismiss you as a moron."

Radio personality Gareth Cliff, in defence to his reaction on Twitter about racist comments on social media by calling it freedom of speech.

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