Rapper Amu ties the knot

By Drum Digital
02 March 2011

FOR most rappers it’s all about image: the baggy jeans, the attitude, the dirty lyrics and the bevy of young beauties buzzing around like bees on a honey pot. But for hiphop producer and rapper Amukhelani Tshawane nothing matters more than his beautiful new wife, Sisilane, affectionately known as Sisi.

The producer, better known as Amu, has worked with the cream of Mzansi hip-hop stars including ProVerb, Pro, Skwatta Kamp and Zola. But in January he married his childhood friend and clearly he’s putty in her hands.The couple walks into our Sandton studios hand-in-hand, smiling and making jokes. Sisi (28), dressed in a white top, black leggings, a grey leather jacket and silver sneakers, teases Amu (33) about his trademark cap.

“My husband goes everywhere wearing this cap,” she scolds as she looks him up and down in his khaki cargo pants, red T-shirt and matching red and white sneakers. “He never takes it off even when we go to events! I always beg him to remove it but he never does. People have even asked me if there’s something wrong with his head because he never takes it off!”

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