Ray J reveals who he hit first

By Drum Digital
22 May 2013

Ray J has finally admitted what everyone already knew that his latest single I Hit It First is really about Kim Kardishian.

In an interview on Wendy Williams show he said, “Wendy I’ve never denied it. I just felt that in the promotional campaign to go so hard after knowing what the song is about it. I just felt it was too much so I just let the song speak for its self.”

Wendy pointed out that Ray and Kim have been together for about five years.

Ray interjected saying he’s let it go. This is part of his strategic music move to start from the past and move on his timeline. He also highlighted that as much as this song is about Kim, it’s also about other relationships he’s been.

He also congratulated Kim on her pregnancy adding that he’s “done with celebrity chicks”.

Later on the show Wendy asked if he owned a copy of the sex tape with Kim and he replied with laughter and a calm "No."

Watch the video for I hit it first. The female lead also has a striking resemblance to the former Mrs Humphries

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