Read why a fired teacher was acquitted of rape

By Drum Digital
06 August 2014

A school teacher who was fired from his job of 22 years after a pupil accused him of rape has been acquitted after the court was found the girl was still a virgin.

According to The Herald newspaper, Johnny Baartman, 48, a former business science and economics teacher at Sanctor High School, broke down and cried as the Port Elizabeth Regional Court found him not guilty on all counts.

The father of two from Fernwood Park was arrested almost three years ago, after a 14-year-old Sanctor High pupil said he drove her to a bushy area near Extension 24 in Bethelsdorp and raped her in his vehicle. She said she was a virgin at the time.

On another occasion it was alleged he fondled her breasts in the school library. As a result, the Education Department dismissed Baartman without pay.

But the state’s case fell apart when Dr Nadine Petersen, stationed at the Dora Nginza Trauma Unit at the time, testified that there was no trauma to the complainant’s genitalia and that her hymen was still intact. Petersen examined the youngster on September 7 2011, three days after the alleged incident.

She said if an adult had raped the young girl there would have been tearing or some sign of trauma and that this would have been visible for at least two weeks after the incident.

Having been unemployed for the past two years, Baartman had to rely on family and friends for financial support.


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