"Reazus Christ" gets a mixed "amen"

By Drum Digital
21 July 2015

Reason's cover art causes controversy.

Sizwe Moeketsi, known to hip-hop fans as Reason ‘prophetically’ tweeted on Monday morning that at the end of the he’d have offended a few people.

Offend he did. This he did in the form of an instagram post. Reason posted a picture of the cover art for a project that he will be releasing on Friday titled Reazus Christ Is Cummin'.  

A photo posted by Reazus (@reasonhd_) on

The cover art depicts Jesus Christ wearing sunglasses carrying two naked women over each shoulder. Enter offence.

A lot of people took issue with the fact that the rapper used an image of Christ, some calling it blasphemous while some saying he’s disrespecting Christianity.

" I can't wait to see what God does to this gentleman. God will not let anyone miss use the name He Himself glorified. Ama sit back and watch what happens here after", one fan wrote.

"Dude don't you have anything better to do than insulting your creator, mxm", said another fan. A few others slammed him for copying Kanye West on his album, Yeezus, while others called him out for disrespecting women. "This is a duplicate of Kanye's foolishness."

Some fans appreciated the art while others say they only warmed up to it after reading his Facebook post in which he said this is the image of his truth. “Growing up as a kid, I was given the tools and weapons to protect myself from the evils of this world. I've since gone through a roller coaster of experiences that have tainted that innocent and angelic image they were trying to protect, and it has left me with new truths. At 1pm on Friday the 24th of July, I will present to you a few new truths,” Reason said on his post. He tweeted the second of what looks like will be daily posts about the project until it's released on Friday.

What do you think of the cover art?

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