Rebecca Malope gets a standing ovation

By Qhama Dayile
05 December 2016

“I bought him a house and car. I was by his side when he died."

Her story of sexual abuse, homelessness, abandonment, betrayal and rise to fame had Carnival City flooded in tears. She wanted to tell her own story while still alive.

On Saturday, Rebecca Malope showcased her musical, Angingedwa: This is my story, where she describes in detail how her mother suffered physical abuse at the hands of her father and how he hated the singer because she was born with Tetanus (a bacterial infection that causes the muscles to tighten).

Rebecca told her audience about being abandoned by her father after her mom fled from his abuse and being forced to live with her cruel aunt (played by Muvhango actress Sana Mchunu). Sana describes her role as “challenging”. Rebecca, who has been in the industry for three decades, talks about how she remained hopeful through the Bible’s teachings that her mother instilled in her and how she eventually forgave her father. “I bought him a house and car. I was by his side when he died, and I forgave him,” Rebecca said. In Angingedwa, the gospel star also shares how she rose to fame and addressed her relationship with the late Vuyo Mokoena. “People always wanted us to date, but he was like a brother to me,” she added.

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