Reconsider the cloth nappy

By Drum Digital
06 May 2014

For most of us the term cloth nappy conjures memories of soggy towelling nappies weighing little babies down or soaking in a bucket for days on end. Those days are long gone and now cloth nappies are not only functional and cost-effective but also right on trend. Here are a few reasons modern moms should reconsider the cloth nappy.

Easy on the pocket

The most obvious reason for any mother to consider using cloth nappies is their low cost compared to disposable nappies. Even though the cost of a cloth nappy can be considerably high and you need to factor in the time and resources spent cleaning nappies, the overall cost of using cloth nappies is still far less than the disposable route. For new moms who have no idea what to expect when it comes to nappy costs has a nappy cost calculator to determine exactly that.

Good for the environment

Possibly the most persuasive argument for the cloth nappy is the devastating effect disposable nappies have on the environment. Have you ever wondered where all your baby’s dirty nappies go after you’ve dropped them in the bin? Disposable nappies weren’t designed to be recyclable (as they’re made from many different materials and are soiled with human waste) and although there have been attempts to recycle disposable nappies none have been very successful. Chances are your baby’s dirty nappies end up lying in a landfill for years on end. The average baby goes through 7 000 nappies from birth to being potty trained. If the idea of being responsible for 7 000 disposable nappies rotting in a landfill makes you feel uneasy then the cloth nappy option is perfect for you.

Functional and adorable!

The idea of spending hours washing, rinsing and soaking cloth nappies is what puts most busy moms off using them. But the towelling cloth nappies of yesteryear are long gone. Modern cloth nappies are designed to be functional and easy to clean. You can simply shake off any excess waste (or remove the nappy liner if you’re using one), soak in a plastic lined bucket until there are enough nappies for a wash load and then the nappy is ready for the washing machine. It’s important to make sure the rinse cycle is repeated to ensure that all detergents are completely removed. Apart from being easy to clean, cloth nappies now also come in a variety of prints and colours and are designed not to restrict your baby’s movement in any way.

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- Lindsay de Freitas


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