Rediscover having fun with your older kids

By Drum Digital
04 May 2014

Looking for things to do with your kids? You’re working long hours and yearn for more fun times with them when you’re at home. Here are some ideas to try out.

No matter where you live, you’ll find a guide for things to do or places to visit with your kids on weekends. Take the initiative and invite friends along to a music show or cool theatre production, or be adventurous and race go-karts or play paintball. Here are more ideas:

Gardening isn’t an activity only for oldies. Clear a piece of ground on your property and buy vegetable seedlings, bulbs, herbs or pretty flowers. Plant, tend and enjoy watching them grow together.

Learn a new language. It’s magic spending time with your teenager while learning something new. You can obtain a pack with a language book and CD at most bookstores or attend a language course. Wouldn’t it be great one day to visit Paris together and order your food in French?

Rent a season of a popular TV series. Settle down on the couch and enjoy your favourite viewing together.

Improve your life skills. See if there are any interesting courses offered in your area such as first aid or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Or how about a course in managing your finances? All of these things will be enriching to you and your child.

Short of cash? Throw a swop party. Bring out old DVDs, CDs and clothes you’d like to get rid of, ask your friends to do the same and get together to swop possessions!

Your very own film festival. Invite your kids’ friends over and ask them each to bring along their favourite DVD. Prepare delicious snacks and enjoy a sociable day.

Learn new skills. Unlike when you want to learn a new language, it costs nothing to learn a new skill. Why not try to master card tricks or magic spells. Or learn to play soccer or poker.

Volunteer your services at a nursing home, hospital, animal sanctuary, daycare centre or library.

Enjoy each other’s company. Relax and just have a good chat for a change about everyday things.

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