Reeva's father testifies

By Drum Digital
14 June 2016

Barry Steenkamp, the father of Reeva says he stabbed himself with a diabetes needle in order to “feel the pain that Reeva felt”.

In a heartfelt testimony, Steenkamp nervously scratched his hands and appeared to be shaking while expressing his love for his daughter and the pain losing her has caused him and his family.

In between tears, Steenkamp said:

“I want the world to see the wounds inflicted on Reeva and the pain she has gone through so that people who are planning to do something like this (presumably, shooting at others), this will stop them in the future.”

Steenkamp appealed to Pistorius’s defence lawyer, Barry Roux, to be allowed an opportunity to meet with Pistorius and have a private conversation with him in the future.

Roux said such an opportunity will be afforded him in the future.

Steenkamp also testified that his wife, June, has also forgiven Pistorius because she is a Christian and wanted to move on with her life.

However, he says this does not mean that Pistorius must be exonerated from the crime. He says the family still wants justice and that Pistorius must “pay” for what he did and that his ultimate punishment is up to the court and they will support any decision made by the courts.

Pistorius has been under house arrest since October 2015, after serving 1 year of his 5 year sentence for the killing of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

The State has approached the Supreme Court of Appeal in a bid to have Oscar Pistorius culpable homicide conviction replaced with the more serious crime of murder.

Oscar is appearing in the North Gauteng High Court for sentencing.

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