Reignite the passion

By Drum Digital
18 November 2014

The difference between hookup sex and committed sex is intimacy and connection.

As life gets in the way and the relationship loses its newness, the passion tends to be one of the first things to go.

This can be detrimental to the health of the relationship overall.

Here are some ways you can keep the sex life exciting and keep the union's health intact:

Fuel up

Maybe the reason you are too tired for sex is because you are eating all the kinds of foods that leave you exhausted. Eat your veggies, drink your water, and take your vitamins. Health is always sexy! 

Dress up

Put those granny panties away! If you can look cute to go on a date, to the mall, or to church, then you can and SHOULD get cute in your house. 

Act up

Role play never gets old and the effort is always well appreciated.  Who do you want to be? School teacher? Cheerleader? Take your  pick!

Mix up

There are sex position books and DVDs to help you come up with some interesting ideas.  You need to both be comfortable and physically capable of trying it.A new place makes a new position all the more exciting so don't be afraid to try another room or a hotel. 

Speak up

Keep an open forum not only about your sex life, but your relationship in general. No matter how many positions, toys, and tricks you have up your sleeve, your sex life is going to suck if your relationship is not in a healthy space. The difference between hookup sex and committed sex is intimacy and connection. 


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