Rekindle the passion

By Drum Digital
25 March 2015

Being with the same person for a long time can kill the romance, bring it back.

  • Increase your feminine side behaviors to become more appealing to his masculine side.
  • Assume responsibility for your own happiness instead of depending on your partner’s signals. Be your own woman of integrity.
  • Take charge of your intimate relationship and provide sensual leadership for your partner.
  • Actively help your husbands overcome whatever resistance issues are holding him back from feeling his desire for intimacy with you.
  • Give him your approval when he pleases you. Reward him or progress toward more passion. Set boundaries for respectful relating.
  • Stop “trying to get sex,” and instead become the woman he wants to make love to by inspiring him and leading him to pleasure.
  • Ignite him sensual reawakening by romancing him first as you bring sensual and seductive moments into your everyday relating.
  • Escalate his feelings of passion by seducing him in ways he loves and responds to as you ignite his passion by learning new lovemaking techniques and actively becoming a better lover.

Source: Warm Loving Wife

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