Relationship advice from your favourite couples

By Drum Digital
08 July 2014

We see them on the big screen, their faces on magazine covers and wonder “how do they do it?”

Marriage is difficult enough without worrying about the paparazzi, bad publicity, complex business deals and challenges that many of us can’t even imagine.Yet, we see these elite couples: standing strong, facing adversity, living in the public eye with the grace God has given them.

Here are five black and married celebrity couples and the marriage lessons we can pull from them

1. Principle: Evolving Through Friendship

Bishop T.D. and Serita Jakes – “My husband is my boyfriend,” shares First Lady Serita Jakes in Ebony Magazine. Such refreshing words to hear from such a powerful, yet humble leader.

Despite the enormous magnitude of their empire, (the 30,000-member Potter’s House church in Dallas, Texas, the 100,000-attendee, nationally renowned Mega-Fest along with a conglomerate of endeavors in film, television, books, housing – you name it!) Thomas Dexter Jakes and his lovely wife, Serita Jakes claim at their core – is their friendship.

This couple really knows how to keep the party going - They date, they dance together, they go to the beach.

Even in their most difficult challenge, their friendship prevailed. Serita Jakes was in a car accident and the doctors didn’t know if she would ever walk again. In this difficult time, T.D. Jakes cooked for his wife, cleaned for her and even washed her hair.

2. Principle: Working Together

Barack and Michelle Obama – This list wouldn’t be complete without these two: the President of the United States, President Barack Obama and his bride, First Lady Michelle Obama.

We love their chemistry and they work amazingly well together. Some may think it’s just a front, but Michelle and Barack Obama have been working together years before they graced the White House.

In Parade Magazine interview, Michelle and Barack Obama talk about their household responsibilities. “I was usually the bill payer, the grocery shopper, and generally the dishwasher. Michelle was -usually the bathroom cleaner, just because she didn’t think I did a good enough job,” states the President. “If Malia or Sasha got sick, it was Michelle who would come home.”

Now, while President Obama is signing laws and meeting with global leaders, the First Lady is actively working to support military families, promoting healthy living for youth and families around the nation, advocating work-life balance for women in the workplace and more.

3. Principle: Overcoming Adversity

Tony and Lauren Dungy – You may know Tony Dungy as a former NFL Player and Super Bowl winning Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. His wife, Lauren Dungy has been the wind beneath his wings, playing the starring role as the mother of their five children, a national speaker, an early childhood specialist and president of the Dungy Family Foundation.

In 2005, the Dungy family faced an unimaginable tragedy when their teenage son, James, committed suicide. However, through it all – the pain and adversity, the Dungy’s commitment to Christ has guided them to a place of healing and restoration.

Dungy shares with Tom Joyner in an interview, “Relationships are challenging, and life doesn’t always give us a clear path with direct answers no secret formula – but we walked together hand in hand to meet challenges head on.”

Through their commitment to one another, they’ve learned to “not only survive..but to flourish.” The Dungy’s attribute their strength to their mutual commitment to love another and to stay together.

When we make the decision to make our marriages work, in spite of challenges, we set something powerful into motion.

4. Principle: Keeping Your Love New and Exciting

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker – The world watched as Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker tied the knot on national television. When you see them, their excitement and love for each other is evident in their smiles and the way they glow.

Kandi Burruss shares in the Urban Daily, “This is one of the best days of my life! I never imagined that I would marry my best friend. Todd’s been that to me. And to have just had the wedding of my dreams, it’s all been so beautiful.”

Do you remember those moments in your marriage? When you first got married and everything was exciting and new?

What if you could recapture that emotion? What if you started dating your spouse again? What if you focused on the good things about your spouse, instead of constantly noticing the negative things? We all could be more proactive about adding that new, shiny feeling back into our marriage.

5. Principle: Making Your Marriage a Priority

David and Tamela Mann – Usually when you see this pair together, they keep you laughing. But there marriage is no joke.

David Mann stated at a panel discussion in Philadelphia, “I don’t’ balance my marriage with anything else, my marriage is first and everything else is a distant second.”

On their 25th Wedding Anniversary, the Mann’s renewed their vows in an extravagant wedding to commemorate their love. When they were first married, they couldn’t afford to have a wedding, making this moment even more special.

Marriage is well worth the investment of hard work, love, sacrifice and dedication. While our marriages may have their ups and down, bountiful rewards can be seen when we are faithful and committed.


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