Relax! I don't hate being black

By Drum Digital
11 November 2011

In her most honest interview to date, kwaito star Mshoza comes clean about why she’s turning her skin white, and how she will explain it to her children.

A SPORTY black Mercedes-Benz docks at the parking lot in Hyde Park mall, north of Joburg. So flashy is the car that it attracts stares. But the young woman who steps out of it attracts gasps and whispers. She’s sizzling hot in a bright yellow and black body-hugging dress that fits her petite body to perfection. Her face is finely proportioned and her

complexion is as light as daylight itself. It’s kwaito star Mshoza, or Miss J as she now calls herself, and she’s a far cry from the tomboy we grew to love in the ’90s.

While other celebrities have been collecting cars and designer handbags, Mshoza has been spending her time on beauty enhancements striving for “perfection”. Her latest project is bleaching her skin so that she looks like a “white person”. “People need to relax,” the 28-year-old Soweto-born star tells us. “I’m tired of people telling me what to do, how to live my life! If they think this skin lightening has something to do with low self-esteem, then they’re wrong.

“Women across the world use beauty products to lighten their skins and there has never been an issue about it.

“Even today they are accentuating their beauty – from buying expensive weaves to tweezing their eyebrows. So why am I being judged for this?”

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