Relo sees the light 2/3

By Drum Digital
07 January 2014

Relo's luck might change, or will it?

The last date she'd gone on, with Hector Kumalo, had been the worst. The man had been completely incapable of talking about anything except himself.

Every second word out of his mouth had been ??I''.

??I'm so glad you've given me a chance,'' he said, but before she could respond he went on, ??I'm really a nice man and I usually don't need a club to get a date because I'm quite a catch.  It's just that I've been so busy lately with this deal I'm closing at work and I, I, I . . .''

By the end of that date he had said ??I'' so many times she had lost count and of course she had given up after that. She wanted a relationship but she wasn't prepared to date every freak in the country to get it.

Why couldn't she find a nice normal guy like Sipho? She sighed dreamily, sweet Sipho, that's what she called her colleague because he was so kind and funny and sweet. Why couldn't she get a guy like him?

Better yet why couldn't she get him? They were both single as far as she knew and she really cared about him. Fate, she sighed, could be so cruel showing her the best man for her but putting him out of her reach.

She picked up her resolutions and sighed. She couldn't deny that once again they were wasted. But then nobody could accuse her of not trying. She glanced up at the sound of a knock on her door. She glanced at her watch. Who could be knocking on her door after eight?

??Who is it?'' she asked.

?It's Sipho,'' came the reply.

She jerked upright. ??Sipho from work?'' she asked incredulously.


She opened the door. And sure enough there he was. ??What are you doing here?''

He smiled apologetically. ??I'm sorry to bother you so late but I had just moved in to my new place 15 minutes ago when the lights went out. I can't find any of my candles or torches in my  boxes and I knew from the work grapevine that you live here. I'm wondering, can I borrow a candle or two, just so I can set up my bed?''

??Sure, sure, come in,'' she said, trying to hide her surprise.

He followed her into the kitchen and stopped short when he saw the candles.

??Am I disturbing something?'' he asked.

??No,'' she laughed, ??just a  candlelight dinner for one compliments of Eskom.''

??Well at least you got the chance to cook something before the lights went out. I'm going to have to phone around and hope there's a pizza place open with a generator.''

Relo couldn't believe her luck. Fate had dropped an electricityless starving man into her lap.

And not just any electricity-less starving man but the electricityless starving man she had been secretly in love with for a year.

She plucked up her courage and stiffened her spine.

??Look Sipho,'' she said, sounding deliberately calm, ??I've got candles and more than enough food to share. You're welcome to join me.''

He grinned and took a seat. ??I'm not going to say no thank you, because I'm too hungry to act nobly.''

She laughed and got out a plate for him. Sipho watched her moving and forced himself to control the urge to take her in his arms and kiss the daylights out of her. Because being so near to her and alone in romantic candlelight was putting dangerous erotic images into his already overactive imagination.

He had been attracted to her from the day she'd joined their staff. She was everything he thought made a woman beautiful voluptuous and kind. As a bonus it now appeared she was a master cook too.

He tried to stop his eyes from ogling her but when they defied him and slid down to her bottom he forced himself to look away.

His eyes caught sight of the piece of paper on the table top and in a desperate attempt to get his mind back on track he picked it up and skimmed its content. When she turned back to put his food before him he was studying her resolutions with a confused look on his face...

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