Relo sees the light 3/3

By Drum Digital
08 January 2014

Will Relo be able to fulfill all her resolutions?

??Lose weight?'' he said. ??Why would you want to lose weight?'' He sounded utterly confused.

??Because I'm fat,'' she explained. ??You're voluptuous,'' he countered.

??I was voluptuous five kilos ago. Now I'm fat . . .''

??You're not fat, you're fresh.  You should cross this first one out. In fact I've got a pen,'' he said, pulling it out of his pocket and putting a line through her first resolution. ??Get a man?'' He read out loud.

She blushed and poured him a glass of wine. ??Your food is getting cold,'' she said picking up her fork.

Because he didn't want to embarrass her he did the same.

He sampled her potatoes and groaned. ??These are outrageous, '' he said and she smiled.

After some time he picked up his wine glass, sipped it and eyed her over the rim. ??So did you get a man?'' he asked. ??I'm not being nosy, I'm just wondering if a hunk is going to come through the door, get the wrong idea and beat me to death!''

She laughed at that. ??No I don't have a man.''

??I see. Why are you desperate for one?'' he asked, trying to sound casual and conversational even though he was burning up at the idea of another man having her.

??I'm not desperate, I'm 33. I have friends, a career and my independence. It's time for me to work on the next phase of my life which is a family and children. Don't forget, my biological clock is ticking.''

??Then have a baby. You don't have to have a guy,'' he suggested.

??I can't just have a child with any old guy. I want a family and I want a decent guy to have it with. Unfortunately for me decent guys are in short supply . . . kind of like the electricity,'' she quipped.

Sipho thought about that for a while. He too was 33 and he was also ready for a family. The fact is he couldn't imagine anyone he would like to start it with more than the sexy and voluptuous nurse he worked with.

He decided it was time to be brave.

After a while he said, ??You're right. The situation is dire and you should go on a date.''

??Oh no,'' she exclaimed, ??I've had enough of dating to last me a lifetime with change for the next.''

??No I don't mean you should go on dates. I think you should go on a date with me.''

She choked on her rice and washed it down with a gulp of wine. ??What?'' she croaked.

He sat forward. ??I'm not usually so forward. But I've liked you for a long time, I've just never had the guts to ask you out or to even approach you. But the fact that we live in the same building across the passage from each other and the fact I'm sitting here in your house having a candlelit dinner with you and a glass of wine, that's fate.''

??That's purely Eskom's fault, that's all,'' she protested, trying not to look too eager.

??No that's fate.'' He tapped his spoon on the table and said, ??I now officially declare this a date.''

Relo laughed and looked into his kind, patient face.

??Okay,'' she said, because everything inside her wanted this little miracle. She picked up her glass and held it out to him.

??To our date,'' she said.

??To load shedding,'' he replied, grinning.

Relo shook her head as she sipped her wine. She had never thought in a million years that Eskom could in any way be responsible for her first romantic candlelight dinner for two. Fate, she mused, could be very kind.

The end.

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