REVEALED: Anele Mdoda's favorite guests

By Molife Kumona
11 May 2017

Anele has interviewed many celebrities and news makers on her show

SHE’S been a talk show host for only two years, but Anele Mdoda certainly has a way of getting her guests to drop their guards and open up like no one else can! Whether it’s her bubbly personality or the way she tactfully tackles taboo topics, viewers can’t get enough of the 32-year-old – so much so that her show, currently in its third season, has received a revamp.

Now airing in a new time-slot at 5 pm on SABC3 daily, the show is being broadcast live to invite real-time social media engagement from viewers. We asked Anele to dish on her favourite moments on the show.

Here's what she told DRUM exclusively;

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