Reviewed: Generations the legacy

By Drum Digital
26 May 2015

The legacy is pulling numbers!

After  16 actors were fired we thought Generations as we know  it would be over. It was the most watched show on South African TV. We wondered what it would be without the 16. Well it seems it still is the most watched on TV. Indeed the ratings have gone down but that's something executive producer Mfundi Vundla told DRUM he was expecting when the 16 were fired.

"We will be hit and lose some people. But we will come out strong," Mfundi said.  And come out strong they did. Generations the legacy is still higher than any other soapie or television show in terms of viewership.

So we decided to look at our likes and dislikes for this new Generations. Just to see why it is still number one;

Let's begin with the things we like:

Mfundi Mvundla; he did not give up on his dream and passion.

The young faces; the handsome actors and beautiful actresses. Vuyo Dabula trended when his character Gadaffi showed off his six pack on screen. Women still fantasize about him and scream for him when he is out and about. (DRUM saw this first hand and reported on it at the SAMAs XXI).

The story line. Very fresh and interesting.

The name; just added the most relevant and accurate words-legacy.

The production. Great lighting, set and indeed camera work and angles.

Now the things we are not so keen about:

The drop in viewership. Maybe they should pull in one or two or more of the old very popular actors to increase ratings?

The haters; the people who are for the old cast. Change is not accepted by many. The hate makes it easy for some viewers to not even try the legacy.

The stigma that follows the story due to the firing of the majority of the actors.

So even though we are not writing the script of Generations the legacy we are eagerly waiting to see if any other show will topple it from number one!

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