Rhythm City's gorgeous trio

By Drum Digital
18 August 2010

YOU can hear them coming from a mile away, exchanging gossip, delivering relationship updates and sharing skincare tips at the top of their voices. If you didn’t know better you’d swear it was a scene from Rhythm City featuring Puleng, Mpumi and Tshidi in the yard at Mamokete’s shop.

Instead the scene is the chic new hotel Lamunu in central Jozi and the girls have shaken off their e.tv personas for a long day of make-up and hairdos for a DRUM shoot. Tebogo Khalo (25), Relebogile Mabotja (25) and Nokuthula Ledwaba (she’s in her 20s, and that’s all she’ll say), the gorgeous trio from the hit soapie, are all ours – and although they talk so much that we battle to keep the shoot on schedule, no one complains too much.

They’re having such a good time it’s infectious – and in between the hairdryers, mascara wands and pretty poses we find out a lot about the three funky friends.

On their relationship

The girls are so close they’re practically like sisters, having sleepovers at each other’s houses and going out partying together. After work each day Relebogile (or Lebo) and Nokuthula (or Noks, as she likes to be known) kidnap Tebogo and head off to do something together – which usually means a delicious home-cooked meal at Lebo’s place.

The three all occupy different roles in the relationship: Lebo is the extroverted loudmouth who doles out advice, Noks is the mother hen and Tebogo is the good listener.

“That’s true,” Tebogo says, nodding. “They’re always telling me about their lives and their problems and I think I give them good advice. I never really have any issues so I make sure I’m there for them.”

“The girls are a blessing and it’s a dream to have friends like them,” Lebo says. “We’re inseparable and the directors always get nervous when we’re in a scene together.

” They like nothing better than fooling around with the other cast members, sneaking into their rooms and swapping their wardrobes around between scenes.

On their lives apart Noks loves having a good time but you’ll rarely find her out and about at functions. “I’m a jeans-and-takkies kind of girl and prefer hanging out with my good friends. Besides Lebo and Tebogo, I hang out with friends I’ve had since school, just relaxing at house parties or dinners.”

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