Rihanna too busy having fun for relationship

By Drum Digital
23 June 2014

Rihanna is happy to spend some time alone for now and not in a relationship.

Rihanna is happy to spend some time alone for now and not in a relationship, reports Xpose Entertainment.

“When I go on a date, I look the guy over, from head to toe,” she admitted to German magazine Bravo. “But to be honest, I don’t want a serious relationship right now. I just want to have fun!”

The star was recently spotted having dinner with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who finished his relationship with wife Gwyneth Paltrow earlier this year. It set tongues wagging that the two musicians are getting close, but it’s now been claimed they met up to discuss mutual friends Jay Z and Beyoncé’s marital problems.

For Rihanna, being spotted with a guy doesn’t mean she’s got a new boyfriend – she simply has a lot of male friends, reports the site.

“I have three girlfriends and about 20 male friends. I just love listening to men – I always learn something,” she smiled.

The S&M singer might come across as tough, but she confessed she’s “definitely” sensitive and easily hurt. However, she doesn’t like to show that side of her.

“I don’t want anyone to see me cry. That’s why I don’t tell anyone when I’m upset,” she explained.

Source: Xpose Entertainment

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