Riky Rick opens up about Family Values

By Drum Digital
01 April 2015

We got a chance to chat to Riky Rick about his debut album and this is what he had to say...

BY: Tsakane Ndlovu

Riky Rick’s debut album, Family Values, is set to drop this Friday and it’s been referred to as one of South Africa’s most anticipated albums to come out this year.

We got a chance to chat to the talented muso about his debut album and this is what he had to say...

What inspired your debut-album?

The main inspiration behind Family Values is just me trying to open myself and tell more of my story. Like, I’m tired of being boxed in as a one dimensional artist, I really want people to know the scoop or the stuff that we do. It’s basically my back story of who Riky Rick is and how he came to be.

How long have you been working on it?

Your first album is always like an album that sort of takes you from the day you started making music. Some songs took me four years, some songs took me a year and some took me a month. But the actual recording we did in about 2 weeks, we did it really quickly and now the album is ready to be put out, we good!

How would you describe the album’s sound?

I’m sort of trying to blend in my music influences like the soul hip hop and a bit of the boom bap hip hop I used to listen to and put it together and maybe modernise it a little bit. Like I’ve got different sounds, not every song is the same feel and genre. My album is really a mixed pack.

What you communicating through this album?

I’m communicating my personal story but at the same time what I’m trying to do is help the younger kids have the courage to be able to speak about the type of content they want. I don’t want kids to ever listen to hip hop music and think that they have to rap about specific things for them to be successful or to think that they can’t be vulnerable or open themselves up and be real people as musicians. I’m just communicating with everybody that we’re also real people and give people the courage.

Since your album is called Family Values, what is the most important family value to you?

I think the most precious family value that I’m trying to live by now is patience. Patience and tolerance sort of go hand in hand especially when you have kids, you have to realise that everything goes by their time and you really have to look at yourself and don’t be so demanding for people around you.

If you're not convinced about the KZN native's talent. Watch the video of his popular banger Boss Zonke below:

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