Rise and shine!

By Drum Digital
27 January 2015

Not a morning person? Here are 10 ways to perk up!

1 Set your body clock

Even though you may feel that you need at least 10 hours’ sleep each night, research suggests your body only really needs 6 to 8 hours’ sleep. If you aim to be in bed by 10 pm and asleep no later than 11 pm, then you should have no problem waking up at 6 am. You may think this is impossible, but try it for a week and see the difference!

2 Eat breakfast ?before 9 am

Now that you’re up nice ?and early, this should be easy. Try a slow-releasing ?carbohydrate breakfast ?such as muesli, which will help stave off ?any hunger pains. Add some bananas ?or strawberries and you’ve got a healthy, ?tasty start to the day.

3 S-T-R-E-T-C-H!

They don’t call stretching a wake-up call for nothing. First thing in the morning take the time to stretch from head to toe, even if it is just under the covers. If you have more time, sit at the side of your bed and roll your head to your left shoulder, then forward to your chest, then to your right shoulder. Do this slowly, then repeat and ?reverse. Next, stand up and stretch your arms above your head, first your right hand up higher, then your left.

4 Breathe

If you really want to get the blood flowing, try some deep breathing. Block one nostril with your thumb and breathe in slowly through your other nostril. Hold this breath then place your fourth finger over your other nostril, while exhaling. This will help your lungs get rid of any carbon monoxide as well as give you a feeling of ?being “grounded”.

5 Power shower

Imagine that your shower is a waterfall, washing away any negativity. Wash yourself with a sponge and some citrus-based oil or soap, which has uplifting properties. Think of the water as washing away any worries, breathe in ?deeply and believe that your day will be filled with joy. Step out of the shower and look forward to the wonderful dawn!

6 Burn some oil

Aromatherapy oils are a great way to create a particular mood. Lavender, chamomile and peppermint are best for anti-stress and relaxation.

7 use vitamins?

Although there’s no tablet ?in the world which will turn a night owl into an early bird, there are certain supplements which will at least make you greet the morning in a cheerier mood. Ask your parents to buy you an age-appropriate multivitamin.

8 Don’t eat after ?9 pm

What you eat throughout the day is vital to how you’ll feel when you wake up the next day. Try to avoid eating a large meal at night and don’t eat after 9 pm. And try to eat only lean cut meats, cut out full-fat dairy products and eliminate fried foods and ?sugar from your diet.

9 Limit your caffeine

You may believe that you can only greet your parents once your morning cuppa has kicked in, but research has shown that while coffee gives you a powerful jolt, it’s followed by a slump in energy. Try to cut your caffeine intake down to one a day and replace your other cups with tea or decaf coffee. Or better yet, keep a bottle of water at hand and aim to drink it all by the end of the day. You’ll be amazed by the refreshing ?difference that water can make!

10 Sleep ?correctly

Your pillows and ?mattress may be ?inadvertently making your sleep restless and uncomfortable. Ensure that you have good support for your neck and back.

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