Road rage case postponed

By Drum Digital
30 July 2014

The case against a man accused of a road rage assault in Fourways, Johannesburg postponed in the Randburg Magistrate's Court.

The case against a man accused of a road rage assault in Fourways, Johannesburg was postponed in the Randburg Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

Gregory Kleinhentz made a brief appearance shortly after 11am. A warrant of arrest was issued earlier in the morning after Kleinhentz and his lawyer failed to appear when the matter was called.

Dressed in a white shirt, black pullover, and trousers, Kleinhentz looked directly at the magistrate as his lawyer apologised for not being present in court.

He told the court they were in the building consulting. The warrant of arrest was cancelled and bail reinstated. The matter was postponed to August 21 for further investigation.

Kleinhentz used a side exit to leave the court building and avoided a horde of photographers waiting outside. He got into a black Jeep Grand Cherokee and left.

The attack happened on Witkoppen Road around 3pm on Saturday and was recorded by an eyewitness and posted on YouTube.

The video shows a passenger getting out of a Porsche and kicking at a VW Jetta on the driver's side. When the Jetta driver rolls down the window the man starts to punch him. A struggle ensues and the man grabs what appear to be the Jetta's keys and throws them away.

In an interview with broadcaster eNCA, the driver of the Jetta -- who asked to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation -- said he was punched in the face and opened a case of assault.

"I was driving behind him and he was cutting off people left, right, and centre. So I went closer to see what kind of a Porsche it was and the passenger threw a can out the window at me," the man was quoted as saying.

"Then he threw another can, and it hit my car. So I hooted, flipped him the finger and asked what the hell he thought he was doing.

"He damaged my tracking device and stuffed up my side mirror. It all happened so fast I didn't even have a chance to think," the man said.


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