Robber stops mid-robbery to feed crying baby

By Drum Digital
28 July 2013

An armed robber stopped mid-raid to feed a crying baby after his conscience kicked in and he felt sorry for the tiny tot.

An armed robber stopped mid-raid to feed a crying baby.

Kojek Mista broke into a house in Tangerang, Indonesia, along with four accomplices armed with swords, guns and knives, and held all the adult occupants captive, but after the tiny tot woke up following the commotion, the bad man's conscience kicked in.

At a police press conference in Jakarta, Mista - who faces 10 years imprisonment - said: "I asked his mother how to make him stop crying. She said he had to be fed with milk.

"I gave it to the baby while cradling him. Not long after, the baby fell asleep so I put him in bed. I have a kid, so I know how to cradle a baby."

The gang escaped with items worth more than £3,000, but were later caught by police. Four were arrested and another was shot dead.

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