Romantic ideas for him and her (part 2)

By Drum Digital
28 July 2014

Give him a back rub, without his asking, and let the rest take care of itself

Being in a long-term relationship can leave the both of you too exhausted to make an effort.

Here are some tips on how to spark the romance all over again:

For him:

  1. Put a new piece of jewelry in her jewelry box and wait for her to notice it.
  2. Create a romantic treasure hunt instead of the usual dinner plans
  3. Give her extra attention when out with family or friends
  4. Open the door and pull out her chair at dinner
  5. Get tickets for an event and keep it a secret until the day arrives

For her:

  1. Prepare his favorite home-cooked meal and a special dessert...get creative
  2. Let him do his thing, whether it's watching soccer or reading a book
  3. Pick him up from work and whisk him away to an action movie he’s been waiting to see. Let him have his way here
  4. Are your children young? Put the kids to bed and then the two of you have some "grown up time" for a change


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