Roses for Violet (1/5)

By Drum Digital
11 May 2015

The Rosettenville Kid does a special delivery.

By Monday morning, everybody on the streets knew that the Blues Gang had pulled off the most daring heist in memory – a cash van robbery, outside the ATM right next door to the police station. And to add insult to injury, they pulled the big van right across the exit from the police yard and threw the keys away. A stroke of genius, people said. Only the boys from Rosettenville could have done it.

While the cops were struggling to unblock that obstacle on their doorstep, the gang might just as well have walked away calmly, counting their loot. Two days later the police were still talking vaguely of ongoing investigations.

Soon after midday that Wednesday, I heard a voice behind me and did a double-take when I turned around. The voice belonged to Boy Moloi, a leading light in the Blues Gang. “How much for the bunch?” he was asking me. “For you, a special price, Nkosi. Only R100 for this beautiful bunch of fresh roses.” “And for the whole bucket?” He indicated my day’s supply stacked in a bucket of water. “That will be R500. I guarantee you won’t find better anywhere else in the street.”

He started peeling notes from a big roll. He stopped at five and looked at me. “Another hundred if you deliver it.” “For sure. For that I’ll walk to the moon.”Boy Moloi didn’t look amused. There was a furtive look to his eyes that seemed to skip around without settling on anything. “See those flats over there?” he said, and pointed to the triple-storey block on the corner, across from the robots where we were standing. “I want you to take all the bunches in there.”

Oh-oh, I thought. Imagine that – a big-shot gangster who wants to surprise a lady friend and is too shy to walk across the road with flowers in his hands.

To be continued...

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