Roses for Violet (5/5)

By Drum Digital
15 May 2015

The Rosettenville Kid does a special delivery.

By this time, the blind Zimbabwean and his young guide who frequented the robots had walked away and disappeared. I, too, decided to make myself scarce when the big Nyala showed up. The sight of that monster vehicle with the huge wheels, armoured sides with shielded peepholes, and the two big doors where they threw people in, was enough to put fear in any man.

The thought that it might be commanded by Capt Botha was more than enough. The captain needed no excuse to slap cuffs on me on sight. I went to stand by the window inside the corner take-away. Sometime mid-afternoon, two medics pushed a stretcher on wheels out into the street bearing a large body in a silver bag. The bag was zipped up tight, not a nose, not a finger protruded.

The medics lifted the stretcher and slipped it into the back of their van. When they pulled off, they didn’t bother with lights or sirens. Soon after that, a bunch of officers appeared, escorting Violet and the boyfriend to a police car. One by one, all the other police cars pulled off too.

The Nyala trundled away. The barrier tape remained in place but no one seemed to be minding it.

When dusk began to fall and the traffic lights shone brightly, I ducked under the tape and entered the foyer. There were plastic beacons on the floor and spots ringed with green spray paint with numbers beside them. They went up the steps to the first landing. I didn’t go past that. I knew that was where Boy Moloi had made his last stand. On the way out, I spotted my red roses thrown down the stairwell. They looked rather wilted andbedraggled. I left them there.

I didn’t think Violet would want them. Neither did I.

The End.

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