Rough diamond (4/5)

By Drum Digital
16 April 2015

A boy who thinks he’s smart may have a lot to learn.

The wedding marquee, half the size of a soccer field, was draped in beige, sky-blue and sprinklings of pink. DJ Magic Feet’s decks were set up at the dancefloor. There was excitement galore. Speeches were made. The man with the knobkerrie – the uncle – came forward and recited the clan poem, calling upon the ancestors to bless the couple.

When DJ Magic Feet started spinning, the audience rose to their feet. But they were soon disappointed – something was wrong with DJ Magic Feet’s equipment. “Come on! Music! Music!” the people screamed. “Easy, easy . . .” said the Master of Ceremonies. He laid his microphone on the table and went to assist DJ Magic Feet.

That was the moment Es had been waiting for. He took the microphone and gave his trademark Colgate smile, which sent the audience into a frenzy, laughing and screaming. Then Es went into wedding-speech mode: “As we’re still waiting, let me say just one word to the newlyweds. Marriage is an institution. You take care of it; it will take care of you. The secret is always to see the best in each other.”

The audience clapped and he went on. “In the process you’ll shed light on a timeless concept – that at birth there’s nothing like a good or bad person. Circumstances affect us all; it’s you who is responsible for your own destiny.” But then he dropped the philosophy as his big mouth ran away with itself. Es told the wedding guests in the huge marquee, “People always want to keep me in the village. But sorry, it’s just not for me.”

He turned to the bride and groom and said, “Be like me; move to the city. This village life is not on. Toilets are few and they always have no doors.”

To be continued...

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