Run your business from home

By Drum Digital
13 December 2013

Hiring an office space when you're still at the beginning phases of your business could make a huge dent in you budget. This is why some small businesses are ran from their owners' homes.

Here are some tips to make this work for you:

Get the equipment: Make sure you have everything you need to be able to work. This includes computers, internet connection, a printer and a telephone.

Professionalism is key: Just because you meet some of your clients in your living room, doesn't mean that professionalism goes out the window. Don't be tempted to offer your clients a plate of food when they come for business. Water, tea and coffee is enough.

Prepare your family: If you have pets, or small children, make sure they are not in the agree where you meet your customers.  Talk to your spouse and children on how the arrangement is going to work.

Know when to move: At some point, your business is going to start picking up. You'll hire more people, and you'll have more clients and suppliers moving in and out. This would be the right time time to consider moving to another location. If your space is cramped, your employees will struggle to be productive.

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