SA chef's work permit declined because he's too fat

By Drum Digital
29 July 2013

A South African chef is too fat to live in New Zealand, reports BBC.

Chef Albert Buitenhuis’ annual work permit has been revoked because New Zealand authorities say he is too fat to live in that country.

Albert and his wife, Marthie, moved from South Africa to Christchurch in 2007. At the time, the chef weighed 160kg.

He had since shed off 30kg.

His wife expressed shocked at the news stating that her husband is actually 30kg lighter than when they arrived in New Zealand.

She was quoted as saying, "the irony is that at the moment he weighs less than when we first arrived in New Zealand and also less than in his first medical, which was accepted by [immigration authorities],"

New Zealand is reportedly one of the fattest nations in the developed world with nearly 30% of its population overweight.

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