SA remixes your favorite songs

By Misha Solanga
04 July 2017

South Africans are surely a creative bunch

At times when a song is remixed it can either be terrible or great, there is usually never an in-between.

South African music lovers have decided to take two of the currently loved songs and decided to put their own spin to it.

Get ready to listen to a version of Davido's 'If' and Migos's 'Bad and Boujee' that you never imagined.

If anyone ever tells you South Africans are not creative, laugh and send them these videos.

I wish we could laugh with each other. I am pretty sure these guys were supposed to be practicing for a Sunday service but eish, they just wanted to be "bad and boujee".  These guys are so creative and i am sure there are many more out there but we just thought to share the laugh and creativity with you.

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