SA sports run well: Survey

By Drum Digital
23 July 2012

Most South Africans feel athletics, cricket, rugby and soccer are well run, according to a survey released on Monday.

"Generally, males are more positive than females (their figures are generally five percentage points higher than average), but this because more females gave a don't know response," said researchers.

The TNS SA survey was conducted among 2000 South Africans in the eight major metropolitan areas in February.

It found that 57 percent of respondents were happy with the way athletics was run, 63 percent with cricket, 60 percent with rugby, and 56 percent with soccer.

Younger people were slightly more positive than older people.

Perceptions about cricket showed the lowest difference between racial groups, and soccer registered the highest amount of negativity.

Among black respondents, 60 percent believed athletics was well run, 63 percent cricket, 57 percent rugby, and 64 soccer.

Of white respondents, 48 percent believed athletics was well run, 64 percent cricket, 67 percent rugby and 39 percent soccer. Of the coloureds polled, 58 percent felt athletics was well run, 62 percent cricket, 63 percent rugby and 43 percent soccer.

Forty-five percent of Indians and Asians surveyed believed athletics was well run, 72 percent cricket, 59 percent rugby and 49 percent soccer.

People living on the West Rand and in Bloemfontein were the most positive. Those living in the Eastern Cape (especially Port Elizabeth), the South Rand, and the Vaal Triangle were the least positive.

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