SA students find social media helpful during exams

By Drum Digital
31 October 2013

South Africa’s students say that social media helps them with their studies.

In a study conducted by World Wide Worx it was found that students are addicted to social media – but also believe it helps them during exam time.

“For students, social networking and the Internet is not a good or a bad thing in itself, but has become an integral part of their lives,” says Daryl Bartkunsky, managing director of Student Brands, the student marketing specialists.

Social media is used for research with most of the Google Apps being used as student accounts at universities. With the professional networks being used largely by students who are nearing completion of their studies and using it for employment prospects.

Most of the students interviewed said they were addicted to instant messaging because it is a quick fix of a chat.

The study, conducted among all universities and colleges across South Africa, included interviews with 1435 students

Many of the interviewees also believe the internet, their smartphones and social networks enhanced their social lives and quality of life.

- DRUM Reporter

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