SA to construct largest telescope

By Drum Digital
08 November 2013

South Africa is set to be the site for constructing the world's largest radio telescope.

More than three hundred and fifty scientists and engineers, representing 18 nations and drawn from nearly one hundred institutions, universities and industry have the challenging task to work on the critical detailed design phase which will usher in the most sensitive and powerful telescope ever devised.

Professor Phil Diamond, Director General of the SKA Organisation said. "We have been able to pull together a team of some of the world's best experts, on an inspirational world-class project of the scale."

The funding made available for the detailed design phase is €120Million.

The SKA is a global endeavour and one of the largest and most ambitious scientific projects in history. From 2018 onwards, eventually thousands of large dishes and literally millions of radio receivers will be deployed in desert regions in Africa and in Australia, eventually making the SKA one of the true giants of the astronomical and scientific world.

As with other projects of this magnitude, such as the development of the Large Hadron Collider or major space programmes, the SKA has been broken down into various modules called "Work Packages".

-       DRUM Reporter

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