SA youth prefer money over sex - survey

By Drum Digital
24 February 2014

More than 80% young people taking part in a survey, indicated that they would rather have money than sex, reported Die Burger.

The survey was done by the digital mobile platform Young Africa Live (YAL). Almost 18 000 South Africans between 19 and 35 took part in the survey.

They had to answer 47 questions relating to sex, love and relationships.

"While it is not a scientific survey, it provides insight into the views and actions of young South Africans, " said Gustav Praekelt, founder of Praekelt Association, which developed YAL.

Approximately 1.8 million people are registered on YAL.

About 35% of respondents said unemployment was the biggest challenge the youth faced at present, while 21% regards alcohol and drug abuse as the biggest challenge, 27% regard teen pregnancy as the biggest challenge and 12% named HIV.

About 77% of respondents said they are hopeful about the future, while 10% are not hopeful.

The survey also indicated that approximately 65% of respondents had had only one long-term partner .

About 25% admitted they have more than one partner at the same time, but always use condoms to prevent them from contracting HIV.

About 40% of respondents said they always use condoms, while 12% said they never use condoms during sex.

The majority of respondents indicated that both men and women have the responsibility to carry condoms with them at all times.

Almost 90% of the respondents said they to not regard HIV a death sentence.

Most of the respondents, however, said they believe South Africans do not take the dangers of HIV seriously enough not.


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