Safe family holiday travels (1/3)

By Drum Digital
31 March 2015

Keeping a focus on both safety and sanity on your family road trips.

Holidays means you are going to travel, keep safe these holidays.

Whether you are visiting family or simply heading down to the coast this holiday, the long trip can become almost unbearable if you do not prepare for the journey. For parents the stress of making all the arrangements, packing the car, getting the kids out the door and, hopefully, getting ahead of the traffic, means that many are exhausted even before  they start the car.

To ensure that South Africans make the most of their journey from start to finish, the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) compiled a list of tips that will not only ensure you leave the house feeling more prepared and relaxed, but will also make the journey safer and more enjoyable for you and your children.

Before the trip:

1. Plan the length of your trip. Be honest about what you and your children can handle in the way of a road trip. While older children might be able to deal with ten or more hours in the car, babies and toddlers can’t.

2. Children are prone to car or motion sickness so be prepared for this. Consult your doctor or pharmacist ahead of time and get the right medication according to their age and weight.

3. To avoid frustration, confusion and last minute run-around on departure day, start packing a few days before you leave. Discuss with your children what they want to take with and if they are old enough, let them pack their own bags, with some guidance of course.

 4. Get your car packed and ready the night before if you are planning to leave early in the morning. This includes getting snacks, drinks, a spare set of clothing, a first aid kit as well as other essentials prepared. Toys, books and tablets to keep your child occupied should be easily accessible.

5. Make sure your home is secured and you have made the necessary security arrangements, including having someone collect your mail and suspending your newspaper delivery while you are away.

 Source: The Automobile Association of South Africa

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