Safe family holiday travels (3/3)

By Drum Digital
02 April 2015

Keeping a focus on both safety and sanity on your family road trips.

Keeping boredom at bay:

1.    Take regular breaks. Stop every one and a half to two hours, or every 200km, to give yourself a break and also give children an  opportunity to run around and burn off energy.

2.    A great way to avoid the inevitable question “Are we there yet?” -  is to give children a map, or let  them create their own before you leave. You can trace the route together and point out interesting landmarks so that they will have a sense of where they are going.

3.    Games, tablets, and portable gaming consoles are a great way to keep children occupied and entertained on long trips. Use these along with sing-along-songs and CD stories to keep children entertained and create family traditions along the way.

Of all the above, the most important tip is to keep your sense of humour and wits about you. A long trip need not be stressful and can be a great opportunity for the whole family to reconnect and talk about plans for the upcoming holiday!

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