Salary increases for 2016 announced

By Drum Digital
25 February 2016

Just hours before Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan gave his budget speech, the office of the president announced that it would adjust the salaries of public office bearers below an inflation increase of 4,4 %, taking into account South Africa’s economic climate.

By Ayanda Sitole

While the salary of the President is determined by Parliament, the President determines the salaries and allowances of different categories of public office bearers.

The President has to take  into consideration the recommendations of the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers, the affordability of different levels of remuneration of political office bearers, the current principles and level of remuneration in society, the provision of uniform norms and standards nationally to address disparities and inflationary increases.

The Commission recommended that the salaries of all public office bearers be increased by 5 % for the Executive and Deputy Ministers, Members of Parliament, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeal.

A 5,5% increase will be given to the Judge President of the High Court and Labour Court, the Special Grade Chief Magistrate and the position of King or Queen

A 6 % increase will be given to the position of Chairperson of the National House of Traditional Leaders to the position of full-time members of the Provincial House of Traditional Leaders.

An increase of 8 % will be given to Senior Traditional Leaders, while Headmen and Headwomen will receive R 91 000.00 annually.

The Commission has recommended that the salaries of all public office bearers be increased with effect from 01 April 2016.

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