Sam Taylor: I feared Oscar would kill me

By Drum Digital
15 September 2014

She spoke about the many fights they had and how Oscar would lock her in the house with no food. She also claims he would bite her and mentally abuse her.

The athlete’s ex-girlfriend has opened up about her relationship with him.

They dated for just over 18 months before he dated his deceased girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Samantha exclusively told the UK’s Daily Mirror how Oscar mentally and physically tortured daily.

She claims she often feared for her life and that Oscar was obsessed with his gun.

“He gets so mad, so angry he can’t even speak. During one fight he was trying to string his words together, spitting, shouting and grabbing. It was horrible. He used to bite me a lot, pinch me in anger and in fun. I had bruises and scars. It was painful,” she says.

The 20 year-old opens up about a moment she thought Oscar was going to kill her and having to hide his gun.

She says that they had friends over for dinner and Oscar had had too much to drink: “He moved all the couches, set the floor on fire and started dancing around it. He slipped and chipped his tooth but convinced himself I had beaten him up.”

Samantha added that he started screaming and shouting at her, while searching for his gun. “Both of us went upstairs to bed and I was walking a bit in front of him. When I got to the room I hid his gun, because I really did think he’d use it,” she added.

Samantha’s mother, Patricia Taylor has written a book with author and True Love magazine’s features editor, Melinda Ferguson, about her daughter and family’s relationship with Oscar. The book, titled Oscar: An accident waiting to happen, was launched last week as Judge Thokozile Masipa delivered her judgement of the athlete’s murder case.

He was found guilty on culpable homicide and of contravening parts of the Firearms Act following his “accidental shooting” incident at Tasha’s restaurant.

Court resumes on 13 October this year, where the blade runner will be sentenced.

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