SA's strangest New Year's Eve custom

By Drum Digital
29 December 2013

The New Year's custom in Johannesburg of throwing furniture out of windows of tall buildings has been voted one of the strangest customs world-wide to bid farewell to the old year.

According to a report, the local custom came fourth in a poll conducted by social networking site  The Chilean city of Talca's custom of spending New Year's Eve at  a cemetery to be with dead relatives won the poll for the strangest  custom.

A Romanian custom of trying to hear animals talking, came second, followed by an Irish practice of banging bread on the wall to scare away evil spirits.

Following Johannesburg's fourth place was a Siberian custom of diving into a frozen lake carrying a tree.  The Johannesburg custom also took fourth place as the most fun custom.

The mass kiss-in in Venice, Mexico's practice of wearing red underwear for good luck, and a three-day water fight in Thailand took the top three places in the category.


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