“Satanist” confesses evil deeds

By Drum Digital
13 April 2011

NOKWANDA Msomi spent 10 years under a spell. In this time, she claims, she killed innocent people, drank human blood and had illicit meetings with her cohorts under the ocean.

Hers is a shocking story that's hard to believe and police and the legal system are clear: there is absolutely no evidence to back up any of her outrageous claims. Some, such as her new pastor, say she has spent years possessed by a demon and has now seen the light; others say she may have been dabbling in black magic; and still others suggest she has had psychotic episodes and is in need of medical treatment.

Whatever her motives for coming forward, the 24-year-old wishes to clear her conscience and this is her story... "It all started when I was 13 and my paternal gogo initiated me," she says at a secret location in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga, where she has moved in fear of a backlash following her confessions.

Read the article in the Drum of 21 April 2011 – and share your views below.

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