Saving money when grocery shopping

By Drum Digital
06 June 2014

Be prepared and save money when grocery shopping

Food is expensive and the cost of leaving isn't cheaper either. Here are tips and tricks to save money when grocery shopping

Money saving tips when grocery shopping

  • Budget and stick to it.
  • Check what is need and draw up a list of items, this way you avoid buying items you don’t need
  • Have a meal plan, this will give you an indication of what is required for the month
  • Buy reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Not only do you do your part for the environment, you also save a little.
  • Brand hypnosis: Jut because it costs more doesn't mean it is better. Do consider other brands and mind promotional language used to make us think it is better
  • Try not to shop when hungry
  • Use discount coupons offered
  • Rethink special offers:  Sometimes the ‘special’ offer costs more than the actual product
  • Consider shopping at less expensive supermarkets

-          Koketso Mashika

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