Saving puppies can help

By Drum Digital
23 October 2013

The Ark Animal Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg, has made it their mission to rescue abandoned and abused dogs and then help find them suitable homes.

They offer specialised rescue, rehabilitation, care and re-homing of puppies and pregnant dogs. On average Ark Animal Centre is re-home 50-60 dogs a months and take in thousands more every year. The centre also assists other shelters in re-homing their animals showing just how passionate this team is about man’s best friend.

“I always revert back to the quote by Gandhi,” says Candice Eilertsen Social Media and Fundraising manager at the centre. “‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I think that as a nation if we make a concerted effort to be kind to those who cannot speak or defend themselves, it will help us to grow in leaps and bounds. If you can respect an animal and its feelings you will by default respect the rest of the human race”.

Ark Animal Centre touches the lives of everyone who comes through their doors, “We help people find a perfect animal for their home, teach them the correct care and our best is to watch them fall in love with their new fur child,” Eilertsen says with pride.

Running Ark is no easy task and their monthly costs can run up to R60 000 or more. Red tape around South African sponsorship laws and BEE criteria make securing corporate sponsorship tricky and has forced the centre to approach funding in more creative ways.

“There are many ways the public can get involved,” Eilersten says, “Ark welcomes community students as well as volunteers. We are currently running our Buy-A-Brick campaign where we are aiming to sell 40,000 bricks over the next year in order to build our new specialised puppy shelter”.

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